IT improvements add up

Apr 15, 2004

Nine months worth of IT changes have added up to big technology improvements for Kettering students.

Change is in the air at Kettering, and it has nothing to do with spring. The University's IT Department has implemented a number of technological upgrades during the last nine months designed to help enhance student services.

The first major upgrade was a Mirapoint e-mail and calendaring system. With this new system students have 24 megabytes of e-mail storage, virus protection, junk-mail and message filtering, HTML browser based capability, calendaring, and an online Kettering University address book. In addition to the new e-mail system, Kettering's internet ISP connection speed has been doubled from 3 megabits to 6 megabits.

Another large undertaking is the extension of wireless capability throughout classrooms and public areas of the campus. Currently, there are only two wireless points remaining to be installed; one outside the south end of the library and one near financial aid offices. Wireless points installed in the new C.S. Mott Engineering and Science Center are high speed 802.11g.

To improve the academic experience, LCD projectors have been installed in some classrooms, including the Math Lab, Galaxy Lab, and CIM Lab. A new multi-media cart allows professors better use of classrooms without projection capability. This new cart has a PC with wireless capability, LCD projector, sound system, DVD-RW, VCR, 3-D object reader, and a smart pad.

Other improvements include CD-RW capability in selected PCs throughout our labs, USB ported keyboards in the General PC lab to allow flash drive utilization, a copy of McAfee anti-virus software for every student, Microsoft site license to allow the University to have the latest version software on all Kettering PCs, and an expanded file server in which every student will be allotted 100 megabytes of file storage (no copyright protected MP3 files or movies allowed).

The new technology improvements were funded by the IT student fee and the IT Department budget.

Future technology improvement plans include: refreshing the General PC Lab PCs and monitors; building three more multi-media carts, one for the C.S. Mott Engineering & Science Center building and two for high usage departments in the Academic Building; refreshing the PCs in the Loeffler Lab; upgrading the network infrastructure; refreshing the student ID and point of sale system; providing another student multi-media workstation; upgrading memory on the UNIX workstation clients; and continuing to upgrade and refresh aging equipment.

Information provided by James Hamilton, vice president of Information Technology/CIO
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