Global Issues hit the silver screen

Oct 6, 2006

The Fifth Annual Global Issues Film Festival features topics ranging from the burgeoning use of anti-depressants to ethical corporate practices and innovative criminal justice initiatives for youth.

Global Issues come back to Flint in the Fifth Annual Global Issues Film Festival sponsored by Kettering and Mott Community College (MCC). The 2006-07 festival kicks-off on the campus of MCC Oct. 20 and 21, with five films focusing on issues as divers as the use of anti-depressants to a corporation corporate attempting to balance profit-making with social morality.

This is the third year Kettering has partnered with MCC to host the festival. This collaborative festival includes the work of independent filmmakers from around the globe, representing a variety of voices and viewpoints. The festival is sponsored by the GM Sullivan Fellowship Program, the Greater Flint Arts Council, the Michigan Council for the Arts and Cultural Affairs, Mott Community College and Kettering University's Department of Liberal Studies.

All films will be screened in the Regional Technology Center auditorium and are offered free of charge. Following each film, a short 30-minute moderated discussion will be held. Each film is between 50 and 80 minutes long and the topics often have a local impact. These films represent the first half of the 2006-2007 Global Issues Film Festival. The second half of the festival will run Jan. 31 to Feb. 3, 2007 on the campus of Kettering University.

The October films are:

Boys Will Be Men - Fri., Oct. 20, 7pm (57 minutes)
Directed by Tom Weidlinger
Boys are in trouble. The spate of school shootings amplifies the warning being sounded by social scientists. How do boys become men? How do they learn courage, the difference between right and wrong, and the meaning of love? What hurts them, makes them violent, and sometimes kills them? Boys Will Be Men, a documentary film about growing up male in America.


Red HookJustice - Fri., Oct. 20, 8:30pm (55 minutes)
Directed by Meema Spadola
An experimental court opened its doors in 2000 in the poor, high crime Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. Using the community justice concept, this new court seeks to stop the cycle of crime, and promote healing in the surrounding community. This film is an in-depth look at the defendants and staff who are part of this experiment. See the stresses in the lives of the defendants and the often dashed hopes of the staff.

Selling Sickness: An Ill for Every Pill - Sat., Oct. 21, 1pm ( 52 minutes)
Directed by Catherine Scott
Examining the pharmaceutical industry's marketing of antidepressants with particular emphasis on the firm GlaxoSmithKline, this film explores the unhealthy relationships between society, medical science and the pharmaceutical industry as they promote miracle cures - selling not just drugs but also the latest diseases that go with them. It also looks at the growing controversy around SSRI antidepressants and accusations that aggressive drug marketing is blurring the boundaries between medical conditions and ordinary life.

A Decent Factory - Sat., Oct. 21, 2:30pm (79 minutes)
Directed by Thomas Balmes
As more corporations are "outsourcing" their production to countries with cheaper labor costs and less legal protection of workers' rights, some corporate managers are attempting to balance profit-making with social morality. One such an effort is by Nokia, the Finnish electronics firm, which sends a team led by two business ethics advisors to examine conditions at a Chinese factory that supplies parts to Nokia. Filmmaker Thomas Balmes follows them on their investigative journey.

Stealing a Nation - Sat., Oct. 21, 4:30pm (56 minutes)
Directed by John Pilger & Christopher Martin
A film about the plight of people of the Chagos Islands in the Indian Ocean - secretly and brutally expelled from their homeland by British governments in the late 1960s and early 1970s, to make way for an American military base. A remarkable dossier of evidence, all from official files, charting one of the most shocking conspiracies of modern times. The means used to remove the islanders will shock you. The logic used to justify throwing away these people will enrage you.

Written by Dawn Hibbard
(810) 762-9865