Flint Mayor visits campus

Mar 18, 2004

Don Williamson visited campus to answer student's questions and talk about the future of Flint.

Flint Mayor Don Williamson visited campus March 16 for an informal gathering to address issues with students that ranged from making the city safer to how to make the city a little cooler for youthful professionals. The event was hosted by the students of Thompson Hall. Williamson opened the conversation saying his job as a teenager was to find good tires in junk yards and sell them -- something he hoped Kettering's students would never have to do.

He also told the students he hunted pheasants and squirrel along the Flint River in his youth. The mayor spoke and answered questions for about an hour, ranging in topics from improvements in police and fire protection to improving the look of Kettering's neighborhood to the possibility of Flint having casinos.