Faculty & staff vs. student softball game

May 10, 2004

Faculty and staff redeemed themselves after a humiliating defeat last year by defeating the students 14 to 1. They attribute their win to a a training regimen of rest and pigging out.

With the skies threatening rain, the faculty and staff vs. student softball game May 6 proved to be fun for all involved. Still reeling from last spring's crushing debacle at the hands of the students, the faculty and staff team committed themselves to an arduous training schedule in the months before the game comprised of vacation days, excessive food consumption, sleeping in on weekends, a few pokes at the ball, and more rest. This training routine proved to be the difference in 2004, as the faculty and staff team won 14-1.

"Establishing a workout routine for players on the weekend this year was beneficial to the team," explained Joe "Jean Shorts" Roesner, team captain, coach and first baseman. "I encouraged them to pack on some pounds, sleep as long as possible on the weekend, really not do anything that might tax their muscles."

Team members included Jason "Donut" Pennington, who played stellar defense at third base; Paul "Bare hand" Pollard, who shut down shots at short with and without the correct use of his glove; Gary "This Ain't Hockey" Erwin at second; Ed "Computer Glitch" Burger in right field; Mark "What Class?" Thompson in right center, who left early to teach a class; Jim "Her Ox" Heroux in left field; Mike "Foul Ball" Schaal who played left center; and Jack "Protect My Future Constituents" Stock at catcher.

More than five community members showed up at what has become an annual spring ritual to mark the end of the winter thaw. The game took place on the Harris Fields, which were in perfect condition, except for a number of goose plugs. Next year's game will take place at roughly the same time.

Written by Gary Erwin
(810 762-9538