Faculty discuss Electric Vehicles

Mar 27, 2013

Two Kettering University professors recently discussed Electric Vehicle and Hybrid Electric Vehicle technology in media reports.

Hoff and Bai
Dr. Craig Hoff (left) and Dr. Kevin Bai (right)

Two Kettering University faculty members were recently quoted in prominent media outlets, discussing Electric Vehicle (EV) and Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) technology.

Dr. Craig Hoff, professor and department head of Mechanical Engineering, spoke with Shaun Byron of MLive.com about the engine size in the Chevy Volt.

"I think what they've (GM) figured out is if they could achieve enough electric generation with a smaller engine, they can lighten up the engine and cut the costs," Hoff told MLive.

Read the full story here.

Dr. Kevin Bai, assistant professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, spoke with Randy Conat of ABC 12 News about the possibility of GM developing an electric vehicle. Bai also discussed some of the research on HEV batteries he and his graduate assistants have worked on at Kettering in the Advanced Power Electronics Lab (APEL).

Read the full story and see the video report here.