Engineering outreach into the arts

Aug 31, 2006

A poetry reading, student art show and opportunity for students to attend "Moon Over the Brewery" at Flint's Masonic Temple help expose Kettering engineering and management students to the arts.

In the past, exposing Kettering University students to the richness of the arts was difficult, given the intensity of the University's academic program. But thanks to the hard work of faculty members and a local theater producer, students now have the opportunity to engage in an effort to experience the arts. This effort, established by the Liberal Studies Dept., brings together several arts opportunities that provide Kettering students a chance to step outside of their normal academic studies and engage in humanistic, artistic experiences.

The following events will take place over the next few weeks, providing Kettering students an opportunity to display their creative sides and experience works of art up close.

Wednesday, Sept. 6, Humanities Art Center and Gallery, Student Art Show and Reception, 4-6 p.m.:
Under the direction of Event Coordinator and Assistant Professor Dr. Laura Miller-Purrenhage, the Humanities Art Center and Gallery will serve as the host location for the Student Art Show and Reception, where 19 student-artists will display their work and compete for awards. Good Beans Cafe will supply free beverages to all who participate and attend.

Wednesday, Sept. 6, Masonic Temple, Flint, Mich., Moon Over the Brewery, 8 p.m.:
During Dr. Corine Coniglio's LIT 317: Masterpieces of Drama course this term, she invited Dan Gerics and Nathan Pease from the Flint City Theatre to speak with her students in late August about the preparation of a theatrical production. This activity led to an opportunity for students in LIT 317 to attend a rehearsal and the review night for Vertigo Productions' show Moon Over the Brewery at Flint's Masonic Temple. According to Ted Valley, producer of the show, review night provides the actors "an opportunity to experience a live crowd and their reactions of performances," he said. Additionally, students receive a chance to watch an actual rehearsal tohelp reinforce ideas and theories about drama presented in the course.

Friday, Sept. 8, Humanities Art Center and Gallery, Student Poetry Reading, 12:20 p.m.:
This event provides a forum for student poets and writers, as well as those who enjoy good literature, to read from their own work or work that they find inspiring. Faculty, staff and students may bring work to read.

To learn more about these events, contact Dr. Corine Coniglio at (810) 762-9662 or Dr. Laura Miller-Purrenhage at (810) 762-9741.

Written by Gary Erwin