Emerging technologies

Mar 30, 2005

What is the educational response to emerging technologies? A conference by Mott Community College and Kettering will discuss that April 6.

Emerging technologies - what are the future jobs and how do students prepare for them?

Kettering University, in partnership with Mott Community College, will discuss an educational response to emerging technologies during the Spring 2005 Design and Manufacturing Alliance (DMA) Conference in Flint Wednesday, April 6. The 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. event is at Kettering's Campus Center and is funded through the Genesee County Tech Prep Consortium. It is called "Emerging Technologies: An Education Perspective."

"This forum will help faculty, counselors and administrators better understand future jobs and how to get students ready for them," said Dr. Jim Varty, DMA co-chair.

The keynote presentation is "Emerging Sectors: A Michigan Perspective," with Dennis Toffolo, deputy county executive of Oakland County, and Tino Breithaupt, vice president of the Technology Tri-Corridor for the Michigan Economic Development Corp.

"Dennis Toffolo and Tino Breithaupt will provide a broad perspective on key emerging areas in technology, the opportunities they present for our state and the educational implications of the same," Varty said. "The remainder of the conference will be used to discuss the educational implications of alternative energy and bio and nano technology with Kettering's faculty."

Presentations by Kettering's faculty will include:

  • Alternative Energy Sources: Hybrid and Fuel Cell Technology - Joel Berry, chair and professor of Mechanical Engineering and Jim Gover, professor of Electrical Engineering
  • Bio and Nano Technologies - Janet Brelin-Fornari, associate professor of Mechanical Engineering and Bahram Roughani, associate professor of Applied Physics, Science and Mathematics

Concurrent sessions will feature:

  • Design Engineering: An Orientation to the GM PACE Program - Paul Zang, professor, Mechanical Engineering, and Jerry Lovett, The American Society for Body Engineering
  • Bio-Engineering, Bio-Mechanics and Crash Safety - Pat Atkinson, associate professor, Mechanical Engineering
  • An Orientation to the Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope (ESEM) - Trevor Harding, associate professor, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering & Business (IMEB)
  • Preparing for Engineering Education (Panel Discussion) - Caron Wilson, corporate manager, Cooperative Education and Career Services
  • The Role of Cooperative and Related Experiential Education Opportunities (Panel Discussion) Venetia Chaney, corporate relations Executive

There is no charge for the conference, but reservations are requested by March 29. Contact Jeanine Sawdon at 248.232.4570 or jksawdon@oaklandcc.edu .

The DMA is a consortium of employers and educators (including secondary, community college and university representatives) committed to strengthening dialogue between industry and education. The DMA sponsors fall and spring conferences each year that rotate venues across southeast Michigan. These conferences attract a cross section of educators, agency personnel and employers. Visit the DMA website at: http://www.oaklandcc.edu/dma/

Written by Patricia Mroczek
(810) 762-9533