Dual master's degree offered

Mar 17, 2006

Kettering and the University of Michigan-Flint signed papers on Tuesday, March 21, to blend Kettering's master's degree in Manufacturing Operations and UMF's MBA.

The University of Michigan-Flint and Kettering University will begin offering a dual master's degree that will streamline the transfer process and strengthen the region's educational options for diversifying the workforce.

Officials of the two universities signed an academic partnership agreement on Tuesday, March 21, that will blend the strengths of Kettering's internationally known engineering and technical programs with UM-Flint's fully accredited Master of Business Administration degree. Ceremonies were hosted in the William White Building.

The dual program will consist of a master's of science degree in Manufacturing Operations (MSMO), granted by Kettering, and a master's of Business Administration (MBA) degree, granted by UMF. The partnership also entails the potential for coursework to be taken at Kettering for the Lean Manufacturing concentration in UMF's MBA program.

The formal partnership is a continuation of an informal initiative announced in January when the presidents of Kettering, UM-Flint, Mott Community College and Baker College pledged to work together in a variety of ways to better prepare the region's workforce for today's knowledge economy.

Two faculty members helped lead the way in this newest "College Town" partnership. Kettering's Atul Agarwal, associate professor and director of the MSMO program and Yener Kandogan, assistant professor of Business Economics at UM-Flint, worked together to finalize many of the details and are being credited for the positive potential of this collaboration.

For more information on Kettering's portion of this dual degree, contact Dyan Doyle.

University of Michigan - Flint
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Kettering University
Kettering University, formerly called General Motors Institute, is one of the country's premier co-op institutions. It provides 2,500 undergraduate students with career-based education in engineering, applied sciences, mathematics, and business management. Students receive instruction from faculty who are active in research and committed to excellent teaching in the classroom. Founded in 1919, the University also offers graduate programs in engineering and manufacturing management. Kettering has been continuously ranked among the nation's finest specialty schools by "U.S. News and World Report."

MSMO / MBA with proposed Lean Manufacturing Concentration

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Written by Pat Mroczek