Driver Awareness Program

Aug 30, 2004

Driver Awareness Program drives home the importance of safe driving.

The Driver Awareness Program held on the Kettering University campus Aug. 23-25, offered conversations and demonstrations of what happens during an automobile accident and how drivers can drive Michigan roads more safely. Dozens of students, faculty and staff attended the following events.

Monday, Aug. 23

A presentation from Richard Miller, manager of Community Safety Services of AAA Michigan, regarding the importance of wearing a seat belt.

Tuesday, Aug. 24

An accident reconstruction that included two vehicles previously involved in serious accidents. Also on Tuesday, a rollover simulator helped demonstrate the results of a rollover in which occupants (in this case, crash dummies) did not wear seatbelts.

The Flint Fire Dept. also arrived on campus in emergency vehicles to rescue a crash dummy using the Jaws of Life to extract the victim. Student Tony Corruso spoke about his recent motorcycle accident and the importance of driving safely. At 6 p.m. in McKinnon Theater, Tom Gideon from the General Motors Corp. Racing Development Team discussed driver safety from a GM racing perspective.

Wednesday, Aug. 25

Daniel Vartanian, corporate program manager and Network of Employers for Traffic Safety coordinator from the Dept. of State Police Office of Highway Safety Planning, discussed driver safety.

Kettering student David Stillman, Thompson Hall coordinator of Programming, developed the Driver Awareness Program with help from a number of faculty and staff, including Janet Brelin-Fornari, associate professor of Mechanical Engineering. Additionally, a number of groups and organizations donated time, effort and other resources to this three-day event. They include

  • AAA;
  • Mike's Auto Inc;
  • EducationPublications Center, which donated 150 copies of "Safe Lanes on Campus: A Guidefor Preventing Impaired Driving And Underage Drinking";
  • Ingham County Sheriff's Office;
  • Harley-Davidson/Buell of Waterford, Mich.;
  • Flint Fire Dept.;
  • WKUS, Kettering's student radio station; and
  • the entire Thompson Hall staff.

Written by Gary Erwin
(810) 762-9538