Discover Kettering Aug. 9

Jul 31, 2008

The summer open house will provide an opportunity for high school students to "Discover Kettering" on Saturday, Aug. 9, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The event will focus on faculty members and showcase Kettering's modern lab facilities.

Kettering University has the faculty, the labs, and the programs to bring theory and practice together in engineering, business, math, science and technology better than any other learning environment.  That’s why Kettering has planned an open house from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 9, at its campus in Flint. “Discover Kettering” is open to anyone wanting to see how Kettering takes hands-on learning to the next level, said Frank Hribar, vice president for Enrollment Services.

“Kettering has some of the best engineering facilities open to undergraduates in the world,” Hribar explained.  “Our faculty will be in the classrooms and labs, ready to talk to students and parents who want to experience the campus during our Discover Kettering open house. You’ll have an opportunity to discuss Kettering’s majors, minors, and academic concentrations, such as computer gaming and system and data security,” he added.  Kettering’s new Pre-Med program will be featured, too,” he added. 

Guests attending “Discover Kettering” Aug. 9 will see Kettering’s Crash Safety Center, the Fuel Cell Center, and labs in acoustics, lasers, pre-med, and a wind tunnel. Plus,Kettering’s new $1.2 million Bio-Engineering facilities, the Miller Life Science and Bio-Engineering Laboratories are also part of the technology that will be on display during the open house.

Prospective students and their families will have a chance to meet current faculty and students, tour campus facilities and find out more about the Ketteringadvantage of a real-world education coupled with real-world job experience. An Expo will allow families to learn more about student life, including the residence hall and recreation center, and Flint.  Students can meet with admissions, co-op and financial aid representatives to find out what it takes to be a Kettering student and get first-hand information about the University's premier professional co-op program. A panel of current Kettering students will tell stories about their class and job experiences.  A special session is offered for transfer students.

Additionally, "Discover Kettering" will guide prospective students and their families on how to offset the cost of a college education today through professional co-op jobs. Kettering is world-known for helping students alternate between the classroom (where the faculty-student ratio is 12:1) and professional co-op jobs at 600+ corporate partners -- like Biomet, General Motors, UPS, the FBI and hundreds more. Co-op students offset part of the cost of their education by earning up to $65,000 during their college years. Students keep their salary earnings and walk away with up to 2 1/2 years of professional experience and a network full of job references. It's a major reason why more than 95 percent of Kettering graduates are employed or accepted into top-ranked graduate schools by their graduation day.

Although Discover Kettering is an open house, registration for the program is preferred. For more on Kettering's open house, "Discover Kettering," call (800) 955-4464, ext. 7865, or visit Kettering's Success Zone at:

Kettering University, located in Flint, is the home of the most modern professional co-op program in the United States. For more on Discover Kettering, visit:

Written by Patricia Mroczek