Derby Days to support Children's Miracle Network

Aug 23, 2005

Sigma Chi fraternity makes fundraising for charity fun AND profitable.

Raising money for charity is hard work - but it can be a lot of fun too. The Zeta Theta Chapter of the Sigma Chi fraternity at Kettering University chooses to make it as much fun as possible by hosting Derby Days, a week long philanthropic event to raise funds, give support, and promote awareness for Hurley Medical Center, an affiliate hospital of the Children's Miracle Network.

 The Children's Miracle Network is a network of 170 hospitals across the nation providing treatment and state of the art care to every child in need, regardless of their ability to pay. The Children's Miracle Network hospitals treat children who have sickle cell anemia, cancer, pediatric AIDS, muscular dystrophy, asthma, diabetes, accidents and other medical conditions.

This year, Derby Days is the week of Aug. 22-26. The Sigma Chi Zeta Theta chapter's goal is to raise more money and provide more service to the Children's Miracle Network than in all of the past years combined. In order to accomplish their goal, many fundraising events will be occurring on the Kettering campus.

 The main fundraising effort is a raffle with the grand prize of a week vacation to Orlando, Fla., which includes airfare for four, a car rental for the week, and accommodation at Calypso Cay Vacation Villas. The second place prize will be an X-box gaming system and the third place prize will be a $50 Visa cash card. The drawing for the winners of the raffle will occur at 1 p.m. Friday, Aug. 26, in the Great Court of the Campus Center.

In addition to the raffle, smaller fundraising events will occur during the week including:

  • Monday, Aug. 22 - "Pie-a-Sig" event where students, faculty, and staff donate a $1 to throw a pie at a Sigma Chi brother or donate $5 to push a pie directly in their face.
  • Tuesday Aug. 23 - a tricycle race for a $1 donation to race through a course in an attempt to get the best time. The winner received 25 percent of the earnings from the race.
  • Wednesday, Aug. 24 - a tug-of-war contest between the two sororities on campus.
  • Thursday, Aug. 25 - a Derby Toss for a $1 donation to throw a derby at a target. Each person that lands the derby in the target wins a prize.
  • Friday, Aug. 26 - raffle drawing for the vacation to Florida.

For more information about Derby Days and to support the Children's Miracle Network by purchasing raffle tickets or by making a donation, contact Russell West at 586-214-0076 or at