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Freshman Engineering 100 project tweaks revolutionary Segway Human Transporter design

By Website Administrator | Sep 24, 2002
Judson Singer, lecturer in Mechanical Engineering at Kettering, likes to give students in his Engineering Design Communication class real world problems to work on. Always timely, the projects ... Read More

The Business of Winning

By Website Administrator | Sep 23, 2002
A leadership symposium Sept. 10 provided insight into how some of the greatest professional sports coaches of all time led their teams to the pinnacle of success.In this day of salary caps, hefty ... Read More

Kettering welcomed alumnus Tom Smith '77 to campus

By Website Administrator | Sep 20, 2002
Tom Smith '77 recently came back to Kettering to talk with members of the Student Alumni Council (SAC) about his education as a student at General Motors Institute, and about his distinguished career ... Read More

Faculty take it on the chin to relieve student stress

By Website Administrator | Sep 16, 2002
The Kettering chapter of the Institute of Industrial Engineers hosted a "Throw a pie at a professor" event Friday, Sept. 20. For a mere dollar students could take out pre-final frustrations on ... Read More

Fuel cell experts to discuss initiatives

By Website Administrator | Sep 16, 2002
Dr. Geoffrey Ballard and General Hydrogen executive staff will be on campus Monday, Sept. 23, to tour campus, meet with students and discuss initiatives between General Hydrogen and Kettering ... Read More

African American alumni meet Sept. 21

By Website Administrator | Sep 16, 2002
The Black Unity Congress (BUC) and the Office of Alumni Affairs present an African-American Alumni Career Forum Saturday, Sept. 21, 10 a.m. - noon in Kettering's Campus Center, Room A. Coffee ... Read More

MOVING UP! Kettering is highly ranked in 2003 'America's Best Colleges

By Website Administrator | Sep 13, 2002
#1 and holding, again! Kettering University's Industrial/Manufacturing Programs maintained its #1 ranking in the United States in the new U.S. News & World Report's "America's Best Colleges ... Read More

IEEE-USA president offer lectures Sept. 10 and Oct. 9.

By Website Administrator | Sep 6, 2002
The next generation of computer and electrical engineers will need to know as much about public policy and the impact of their work on people as electrons.This is just one aspect of a lecture series ... Read More

Some things never fade

By Website Administrator | Sep 6, 2002
As we look back at Sept. 11, 2001, we revisit the heartache, shock, terror and anger of that tragic day. Now, one year removed from an event that literally and figuratively redefined America's ... Read More

Kisses may turn frogs into princes, but also into cash for St. Jude's Hospital

By Website Administrator | Aug 29, 2002
Kettering students convinced faculty and staff to kiss a pig Aug. 23 as part of the "Up Til Dawn" fundraiser for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. In the past two years, Kettering's Up Til Dawn ... Read More