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Clearing the air

By Website Administrator | Jan 6, 2006
It's inescapable: our world is made up of complex chemical compounds, some of which occur naturally in our environment while others are created by human hands.But what happens to these elements when ... Read More

Getting kids on their feet

By Website Administrator | Dec 2, 2005
His work has been seen on the national television show "Extreme Makeover Home Edition," but he's only a household name in certain houses. That doesn't bother Gary Hammond, professor of Mechanical ... Read More

New technologies need new math

By Website Administrator | Nov 4, 2005
A trillionth of a second is barely a blip on the radar screen of time, unless you are calculating the heat transfer generated by a pulsing laser. Kettering University undergraduate Matt Causley, of ... Read More

The science of clicks and pops

By Website Administrator | Jul 22, 2005
Unless the test subject's shoulder injury "clunks," bio-engineers Dr. Patrick Atkinson and Robert Kargus don't hear much when they "listen" to the body in motion as part of their research using ... Read More

It's a small, small, small, small world.

By Website Administrator | Jun 6, 2005
Three years after it arrived on campus, the environmental scanning electron microscope (ESEM) has made a big impact in lots of tiny ways - most of them related to faculty and student research ... Read More

The science of softball

By Website Administrator | Apr 20, 2005
For most, Opening Day of baseball and softball season is the official start of summer. For Dr. Dan Russell, associate professor of Applied Physics at Kettering University, it's more like a test lab ... Read More

A sacred trust

By Website Administrator | Feb 10, 2005
Kettering Professor Michael Callahan's new scholarly study offers a further view of the League of Nations and Africa from 1929-1946 under the Mandates System, and aids his classroom instruction on ... Read More

Hedging your bets

By Website Administrator | Dec 10, 2004
For some people, the investment game is a terribly convoluted activity. Unless you follow the markets closely, the phrases Dow Jones and NASDAQ Composite may seem as unfamiliar to you as the Greek ... Read More

Khat and the Ethiopian reality

By Website Administrator | Nov 19, 2004
Dr. Ezekiel Gebissa and colleagues in Ethiopia hope to create a national research center to study the impact, history and economics of khat, a psychoactive shrub, as a cash crop for the ... Read More

Seeing red, or green - chemistry of color vision

By Website Administrator | Nov 12, 2004
At first glance, Dr. Ali Zand's research on the chemistry of color vision defies the very foundation of the art world, where red, blue and yellow are the "primary colors" from whence all other colors ... Read More