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Thumbs up

By Website Administrator | Apr 28, 2006
The body part that sets us apart as human is also the most likely to develop osteoarthritis, according to Dr. Patrick Atkinson, associate professor of Mechanical Engineering at Kettering ... Read More

Gender and ethics in engineering

By Website Administrator | Apr 14, 2006
Volumes have been written and researched about how men and women see the world differently, but are their perceptions and expectations all that different when it comes to job satisfaction - ... Read More

Faculty member plays role in network protocol

By Website Administrator | Apr 14, 2006
Thanks to early development input from Dr. Juan Pimentel of Kettering's ECE Dept., many industries such as the automotive field, appliance industry and other manufacturing sectors benefit from ... Read More

Elemental absorption

By Website Administrator | Apr 7, 2006
In a physical sense, we are fragile creatures. Bones can snap like twigs under the right conditions. Our joints degrade after years of punishing labor and eventually turn into a pulpy mush. And just ... Read More

Going postal for safety-sake

By Website Administrator | Mar 31, 2006
They giddily unpacked the items stuffed into the tailgate of the red Chevy pickup: the explosive devices; portable computer stand upon which the PC and flat screen monitor are bolted; cords and ... Read More

Improving hip replacements

By Website Administrator | Mar 24, 2006
A research project conducted by Kettering University in partnership with McLaren Hospital in Flint and William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Mich., examines how real human behaviors impact total ... Read More

The matrix - chilled

By Website Administrator | Mar 17, 2006
Keeping things cool while keeping energy costs down has almost been an oxymoron - that is until now. Dr. Homayun Navaz, a professor of Mechanical Engineering at Kettering University, is on the verge ... Read More

Pop star crash test

By Website Administrator | Mar 3, 2006
Sometimes unrestrained is a good thing - like when it applies to enthusiasm, creativity or children on a playground. But not when it applies to wearing seatbelts or using child safety restraints in a ... Read More

Fuel saving gadgets

By Website Administrator | Feb 24, 2006
Dr. Greg Davis, professor of Mechanical Engineering at Kettering University, has spent a lot of time recently answering questions about devices and additives designed to improve fuel economy in ... Read More

Clearing the air

By Website Administrator | Jan 6, 2006
It's inescapable: our world is made up of complex chemical compounds, some of which occur naturally in our environment while others are created by human hands.But what happens to these elements when ... Read More