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Developing a clean green driving machine virtual research nets real results

By Website Administrator | Feb 25, 2002
When Dr. Bassem H. Ramadan, associate professor of Mechanical Engineering, goes deep inside an engine, his hands never leave his computer keyboard. Ramadan researches new engine combustion system ... Read More

100-year old statistics problem solved - beautifully

By Website Administrator | Feb 5, 2002
Brian McCartin, professor of Applied Mathematics at Kettering, has solved a 100-year old problem of linear regression, and his mathematics are "pretty." Linear regression, simply put, means the "best ... Read More

Unraveling cancer

By Website Administrator | Oct 26, 2001
Kettering chemist purifies protein in fight to understand colon cancerDr. Stacy Seeley has learned never to say "never."Seeley, an assistant professor of Environmental Chemistry at Kettering, swore ... Read More

Kettering professor involved in cutting-edge polymer technology

By Website Administrator | Aug 31, 2001
Like most inventors, Dr. Lars Beholz has used every available resource including the kitchen stove. "I only gassed my wife and kids out of the house once," he proudly claims. None the worse for wear, ... Read More