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Projects in Defense Bill

By Website Administrator | May 20, 2004
Kettering is among the Michigan universities included in projects authorized in the National Defense Authorization Act. Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., the ranking Democrat on the Senate Armed Services ... Read More

Keeping cool

By Website Administrator | May 6, 2004
Ten percent doesn't seem like a lot of anything, but when it represents the reduction of warm air infiltrating refrigerated grocery store display cases, it can add up to big energy and monetary ... Read More

Researching academic dishonesty

By Website Administrator | Apr 15, 2004
College students cheat. Not all of them, but a large percentage engage in some form of academic dishonesty. Doesn't matter what discipline they study. The pressure to achieve high marks is ... Read More

Tracking heavy metals requires waders

By Website Administrator | Mar 1, 2004
It looks like a large copy machine sitting in the shallow coastal waters of Saginaw Bay, but it is actually a sophisticated voltammetric microelectrode device being used to sample sediments in the ... Read More

Engineering better surgical techniques for a common sports injury

By Website Administrator | Feb 13, 2004
Football players and female athletes will jump for joy when researchers at Kettering University and McLaren Regional Medical Center complete their experiments into improving Anterior Cruciate ... Read More

Heavy breathing for science

By Website Administrator | Nov 24, 2003
There was a lot of heavy breathing going on at Kettering Nov. 19 and 21, as part of a clinical trial to determine if bio-markers in human breath can be used to diagnose osteo-arthritis. Researchers ... Read More

Putting it simply: a new way to make nanotubes is found

By Website Administrator | Oct 17, 2003
A lot of scientific discovery can be attributed to serendipity. A recent happy accident occurred on a nano-sized scale when researchers at Kettering University discovered a different method for ... Read More

Kettering grad first student to earn Ph.D. in fuel cells

By Website Administrator | Sep 26, 2003
Dr. Etim Ubong, associate professor of Mechanical Engineering (ME) at Kettering, dreamed some years ago that the University might one day pave the way for the creation of a state-of-the-art facility ... Read More

Fewer moving parts is the key to better engines

By Website Administrator | Sep 22, 2003
Three recent innovations in combustion engine technology have been combined into one amazingly simple new engine design. Utilizing a free piston, meaning there is no crankshaft or connecting rods, a ... Read More

Equipment allows study of artificial hip replacement components

By Website Administrator | Sep 5, 2003
Kettering researcher Trevor Harding isn't afraid of taking a hip check.Not the kind one might associate with the game of hockey, where forwards barrel down the sideboards with the puck and the ... Read More