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Students advise Probate Court

By Website Administrator | Nov 10, 2011
Genesee County Probate Court is not immune from the ‘doing more with less’ mantra most public sector entities are dealing with in a tough economy right now. Fortunately, though, some Kettering ... Read More

Front to back crash testing

By Website Administrator | Oct 27, 2011
Front to back or back to front, either way you look at it back seat passengers have been, well, taking a back seat in crash safety research. Dr. Massoud Tavakoli and a team of researchers at ... Read More

Risk Management

By Website Administrator | Oct 27, 2011
Patients falling while staying in hospitals is a serious problem, for both the patients, who risk physical injury or even death, and for the hospitals themselves, which are often held liable for ... Read More

Electric sports boats coming soon!

By Website Administrator | Oct 21, 2011
Kettering grad Alex Smith, Mechanical Engineering ’09, could soon have a unique distinction. An employee of Flux Power in San Diego, Smith helped develop the world’s first all electric sport ... Read More


By Website Administrator | Oct 18, 2011
It has been said of traditional cancer treatments that “the cure is worse than the disease,” but this may not be the case in the future. Nanotechnology is opening new avenues of cancer treatment ... Read More

Power electronics get new home at Kettering

By Website Administrator | Sep 19, 2011
Kettering University’s research in the power electronics fields has grown so much over the last six months, that the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Department has recently opened a lab, ... Read More

Alternative fueling station underway

By Website Administrator | Aug 30, 2011
Kettering University professors and students will soon have a new alternative fuel facility for research and testing. Flint’s Mass Transit Authority broke ground Aug. 30 on a first-of-its-kind ... Read More

Kettering researchers refine bone re-growth

By Website Administrator | Aug 9, 2011
Repairing traumatic injury to a bone is do-able, but current procedures require multiple surgeries and long term recovery. Kettering University’s Dr. Montserrat Rabago-Smith and her team of ... Read More

Improving diesel engine performance

By Website Administrator | Jul 28, 2011
Kettering University’s Dr. Bassem Ramadan and researchers at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Michigan State University (MSU) are literally looking inside a diesel engine cylinder ... Read More

Haptics - feeling in the virtual world

By Website Administrator | Jul 5, 2011
When people think of virtual reality, the assumption is that it can only be experienced through two senses: vision and sound. In the Kettering University Haptics Lab, however, students work ... Read More