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Jordan Myers

Student, professor present at healthcare conference

Apr 23, 2013
Jordan Myers (left) and Dr. Lucy King at the Industrial Society for Health Systems (SHS) Healthcare Process Improvement Conference in New Orleans.Kettering University Industrial Engineering student ... Read More

Contact fatigue by the numbers

Jan 2, 2013
It may not make headlines, but rolling contact fatigue is a major issue for devices and machines with gears, bearings, and other parts involved in frequent motion – in other words – almost all ... Read More
Fuel Cell Center logo

Researching renewable fuels and energy

Dec 17, 2012
The Kettering Center for Fuel Cell Systems and Powertrain Integration has been researching renewable fuels and energy for the 21st Century. Dr. Susanta Kumar Das, assistant professor of Mechanical ... Read More
A real-life Farmville

A real-life FarmVille

Dec 12, 2012
The game ‘FarmVille’ has become one of the most popular Facebook games because it combines giving the players the chance to simulate working on a farm -- harvesting crops, raising livestock, etc. ... Read More
An inside look

Advanced Power Electronics Lab (APEL) continues growth

Oct 30, 2012
Since it was established just over a year ago, Kettering University’s Advanced Power Electronics Lab (APEL) in the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Department continues to become a major ... Read More
Battery Components

Chrysler contract, battery course part of continuing growth of Power Electronics Lab

Sep 10, 2012
Kettering University’s Advanced Power Electronics Lab continues to grow into a major research hub for the automotive electrification and renewable energy fields in the less than one year since the ... Read More
The National Science Foundation

$70,698 NSF grant to provide CHNSO Elemental Determinator

Sep 6, 2012
The National Science Foundation will provide Kettering University with equipment to further research and teaching in several academic departments, thanks to $70,698 from a National Science ... Read More
An equilateral triangle

Mysteries of the equilateral triangle

Feb 27, 2012
A process for wrapping chocolates, the detection of gravitational waves, cartography and voting theory are all related mathematically – through their “uncle” the equilateral triangle, according ... Read More

"Audio Tourister"

Dec 5, 2011
Music-to-go is not a new idea, but as the saying goes, everything old is new again, and Dr. Doug Melton is putting that adage into practice with the “Audio Tourister” Capstone project for his ... Read More

Students advise Probate Court

Nov 10, 2011
Genesee County Probate Court is not immune from the ‘doing more with less’ mantra most public sector entities are dealing with in a tough economy right now. Fortunately, though, some Kettering ... Read More