Condolences for VT

Apr 17, 2007

Kettering University's faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends express condolences for the Virginia Tech community and offer a wish for peace.

Kettering remembers Virginia Tech

Kettering University's Real Service student organization will host a candlelight vigil to remember and pray for the campus community at Virginia Tech at 9 p.m., Wednesday, April 18, at the Bulldog Statue near the Campus Center. The Kettering community will join together to recognize the college students and professors who lost their lives and for all who are struggling to understand this national tragedy. For information, or those with something to share during the candlelight vigil, contact student Allison Gibbs.

A message from the Kettering University President:

Our country mourns the tragic loss of life and life-altering injuries that took place Monday on the campus of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Many of us at Kettering University have friends and colleagues at this outstanding land-grant institution in Virginia; but even those of us who don't have such personal connections with Virginia Tech are deeply affected by this incomprehensible tragedy as members of an extended university community.

It is very important in times like this that we openly discuss such events and draw on our collective spirit and strength as we struggle with our emotions and fears within us. I ask you to extend a listening ear to members of the Kettering community as we, like the rest of the country, cope with the sadness and loss our nation is experiencing.

Please reach out to others in this national time of mourning and have faith that our higher education community remains strong despite this most tragic event in our nation's history.


Stan Liberty

Kettering University and safety ...

  • Kettering University is a small campus, where the community of faculty, staff and students tend to know and care for each other. That environment is helpful in watching out for each other and alerting officers when a suspicious situation exists.
  • Kettering's main buildings have a public address system, which is tested each year and allows for an alert to be issued immediately, if necessary. The public address system is also available to immediately relay important information -- such as which exit to use or whether to move away from windows because of a storm/situation.
  • Kettering has three systems of safety on campus: full-time, trained, 24/7 security officers, who are in constant radio contact with the main security office in the Campus Center; a paid security staff to monitor Kettering's major parking lot; and two Flint police officers, who are under contract to protect the campus and surrounding community using modern police equipment.
  • Ketteringmaintains a series of emergency lights/telephones around campus providing visitors with opportunities to call for help, if necessary.
  • Kettering uses an electronic key system, locking the residence hall 24/7 and main buildings during the evening hours.
  • Ketteringprovides safety lectures as part of Orientation and ongoing safety training as part of residence hall and Greek Life programming.
  • Safety alertsnotify all employees and all students by email when a serious crime incident involving members of the Kettering community has occurred.
  • Kettering provides personal counseling to students in times of need. Faculty and staff refer students to the Wellness Center if they observe deviations in their usual behavior.
  • Students, faculty and staffcan report off campus incidences in the area through an electronic reporting mechanism available on BlackBoard. The information is sent directly to Campus Security, Student Affairs and the administration.
  • Kettering has an established emergency response committee that immediately implements response procedures that have been identified for various situations.

Key telephone contacts:
Kettering University Campus Safety Office: 810-762-9501
Kettering University Wellness Center: 810-762-9650
Kettering University Communications Office: 810-762-9533

Written by:
PR & Communications Office
Patricia Mroczek