CETL grand opening is Oct. 2

Sep 24, 2001

Kettering hosts grand opening celebration for the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Kettering hosts grand opening celebration for the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Kettering will host a grand opening celebration for the institution's new Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL)Tuesday, Oct. 2.

Cynthia Finelli, associate professor of Electrical Engineering and the first director of the CETL, said this celebration will introduce an important new resource to the Kettering community designed to support the University's work in improving student learning.

"The center will be a concrete symbol of Kettering's commitment to teaching excellence," Finelli explained. "As the center's director, I'm excited about the opportunity to aid the faculty in providing an outstanding learning environment."

The grand opening celebration will take place in the CETL from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, established by Kettering earlier this year, is located in room 1-306 on the first floor in Kettering's Academic Building.

Activities for the event include:

  • a keynote address titled "What can we do to improve student learning?" by Wilbert McKeachie of the University of Michigan;
  • a luncheon reception; a workshop entitled "Learning about learning" by P.K. Imbrie of Purdue University; and
  • a workshop titled "Teaching through the cycle: Reaching more students in the classroom" by Alisha Waller of Georgia State University.

Planned features of Kettering's new CETL include:

  • educational grants, which provide financial support for faculty to attend teaching-related events or to implement innovative teaching approaches;
  • teaching circles sponsored by the CETL for groups of faculty who wish to explore a common area of education;
  • a CETL library which will house a collection of journals, books, videos, and other resources for faculty use;
  • a series of workshops for faculty to learn about and practice cooperative learning methods and philosophies;
  • educational awards, such as the Educational Scholar award, which recognize outstanding faculty members for their work as professors;
  • a peer observation program to provide a forum for faculty to share classroom techniques and to assist each other in tailoring their instruction;
  • a web site (www.kettering.edu/cetl) that describes the CETL and provides links to related reference material; and
  • an advisory board that includes representatives from each Kettering academic department, two administrative representatives and a representative from the external community.

To learn more about the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, contact Cynthia Finelli at (810) 762-7998, via e-mail at cfinelli@kettering.edu or visit the web site at www.kettering.edu/cetl