Battle of the Bins continues

Mar 23, 2011

Kettering is part of the inter-collegiate "Battle of the Bins" with other Flint-area colleges as part of the upcoming Earth Day festivities. The on-campus recycling drive results are in.

The on-campus portion of the Battle of the Bins results are in, and the Biochemistry Department took the lead again this year with their gigantic load of cardboard and paper. They brought in 193.9 pounds of cardboard and 430.3 pounds of paper – and two pounds of cans, for a total of 626.2 pounds of recyclables overall. Second place overall was the team of Chris+ Mike+Greg with a total of 163 pounds (all paper), followed closely by University Advancement with a total of 145 pounds (mostly paper with a little cardboard thrown in for good measure).

The Technician brought in a respectable 133 pounds total and the Tour Guides were right behind them with 120.1 pounds.

If taken by category, the sub-winners looked like this:

Cans and bottles: Phi Delta Theta in first with 28.2 pounds, Alpha Sigma Alpha in second with 19.4 pounds and Kagle Mentoring Program in third with 12.5 pounds.

Cardboard: Biochemistry Department in first with 193.9 pounds, Alpha Sigma Alpha in second with 61.6 pounds, and Sigma Chi in third with 19 pounds even.

Paper: Biochemistry Department in first with 430.3 pounds, Chris+Mike+Greg in second with 163 pounds, and University Advancement in third with 137.5 pounds.

It all goes toward helping Kettering in the inter-collegiate “battle” with UM-Flint, Mott Community College and Baker College that ends March 31. Battle of the Bins is a friendly competition between the local colleges as the momentum builds before the big reveal of the winner at the Earth Day and Garden Celebration on the UM-Flint campus April 16, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Prizes are awarded to the college with "Greatest Pounds per Student" and "Greatest Tonnage Overall.”