Baseball bat research

Sep 24, 2004

Dan Russell's research on the physics of baseball bats earned him an opportunity to present his work at an international conference.

Dan Russell, associate professor of Applied Physics, presented two papers at the fifth International Conference on the Engineering of Sport Sept. 13-16 at the University of California-Davis. The title of these papers are "Hoop frequency as a predictor of performance for softball bats" and "The physics of the trampoline effect in baseball and softball bats." Russell co-authored these papers with Alan Nathan of the University of Illinois and Lloyd Smith of Washington State University. Both papers appeared in the conference proceedings.

In addition, Russell taught a two-day course on the physics behind bat-ball collision with Nathan and Smith. The course, titled Bat-Ball 102, was a follow-up to Bat-Ball 101, which Russell and his colleagues taught last summer. This year, nine engineers from various bat manufacturers attended the Bat-Ball 102 course, which took place at Washington State University.

Written by Gary J. Erwin
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