Awarding technology talent

Jan 21, 2011

Kettering is seeking more alumni ambassadors to identify tomorrow's technology talent in local high schools and recognize them for their potential.

It started as a creative idea back in 2007. Kettering alumni Armen Oumedian ’49 and Bob Mock ’57 of Grand Rapids, and Al Jordan ’61 of Traverse City, put their heads together on behalf of their alma mater to see how to get Kettering University recognized more in local high schools.

The goals:

  • Showcase co-op as a real-world education option
  • Engage alumni to build local relationships at high schools
  • Recruit students for Kettering
  • Improve the University’s brand recognition

The idea that emerged is the Kettering University Technology Award.

“It’s a great opportunity for alumni to connect with a high school and be a Kettering ambassador to the school they attended or one in their own local community,” Oumedian said. “It’s easy, too. Donors make a tax-deductible donation of $50 per award. Then, they meet with the local high school principal to explain the program. Kettering sends a packet of information for the donor and the school in February to assist with the process.”

Bonnie McArthur, a senior advancement officer at Kettering, said the alumni ambassador then makes sure the high school selects a qualified junior who excels in math or science and communicates the student’s name to Kettering and the alumni ambassador by the end of March.

“A classy personalized award portfolio, featuring a beautiful bronze medallion and admissions information on Kettering, gets delivered in April,” she said. “If invited, the alumnus also attends the high school’s spring honors ceremony to present the Technology Award in person.”

“It is a simple and heart-warming task that assists Kettering and stewards the next generation of engineers and scientists,” Oumedian said.

Alumni who have already participated include Oumedian, Mock, Jordan, Amanda Weiss ’00, Stacy Gardner ’06 and Steve McEwen ’54.

Around 30 medallions were presented in 2010, with a goal of 50 in 2011.

“We’re asking you to be a local ambassador of Kettering and enhance science, engineering and technology education in your region.  I thank you for considering this and look forward to you joining our effort,” Oumedian said.

Those interested can contact Bonnie McArthur at (810) 762-9519 or Deadline to participate in the 2010-2011school year is March 1. Find the sign-up sheet or read more at:

Written by Patricia Mroczek and Bonnie McArthur