1.   What activities are/were you involved in at Kettering and in high school?  (list academic year, as well as any positions you may have held in any organization)

I am a sophomore I currently here at Kettering, and have been involved on campus since i got here last fall. I am currently the president of the Martial Arts Club, as well as the head of Campus Engagement committee. I participate in intramural sports as well as several clubs aside from the one I am president of.


2.   What is the one trait you want people to know you for?

One of the traits I want people to know me for is my dependability. I will always try to do my best to accomplish what is assigned to me, and I generally succeed. I am always trying to be helpful to others, as much as i can be.


3.   What is your favorite quote/saying(s)?

My favorite quote is "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind" by Dr. Seuss. It is sort of a quote I live by, because those who are your true friends like you for you, not who you pretend to be, so never pretend to be someone you're not.

4.   What do you think can be improved at Kettering and what steps will you take to accomplish this improvement?

I think one of the main things that needs to be improved on at Kettering is the student body's interaction with KSG, and how we run the campus. We try our best to get students involved and ask for their feedback, but it is difficult to get as the student body seems unwilling. In the past year we've established the KSG email for suggestions and feedback, and I have some ideas for new forums and possibly Facebook pages or webpages in order to more effectively get student feedback.


5.   What has been your biggest success and failure?  What have you learned from them?

One of my biggest successes has been the idea and application of the KSG Town Hall. The Senate as a whole wanted a forum to get the entire student body more informed about what is going on around campus, as well as a thread in order to get their opinions better and hear feedback. I remembered a similar thing from my work terms at Chrysler, and suggested the idea of a Town Hall. I've been in charge of marketing for these as well, being on Engagement Committee, and I believe they have turned out well. My biggest failure was failing my Calc I class last spring term, and I have learned from it better study methods and the importance of practice in math.


6.   What is your motivation for wanting to represent the student body via Student Senate?

I have been on Senate for a year now, and I enjoy being a part of what goes on around campus. I enjoy trying to get students more involved with the school, as well as getting feedback on how students would like the school to be run differently. During my time on Senate I believe I have done well in representing my class and getting them to events and things that they enjoy. Student government is one of my passions here at Kettering, and I believe I am well suited for the position.