Purchasing Textbooks

Did you know that the Graduate Course Schedule contains your class textbook information?  Simply go to the Graduate Course schedule and select the term you wish to view. Click on CRN in the left column to view your textbook, ISBN, author, and other information.

To order and pay for textbooks online:

1. Go to the Bookstore or click on the link in Quick Links on Current Student
2. Under the drop down box Select your Program, Select All.
3. Under the next drop down box Select Your Term, select the term you wish to order book
4. Under the next drop down box Select By Course ID/Select Your Department, Select the course/department, ie ACCT for ACCT-639.
5. Under the next drop down box Select By Course ID/Select Your Course, select the course number, ie. 639 for ACCT-639
6. Under the next drop down box Select By Course ID/Select Your Section, select 07 for on campus student and 08 for off campus students
7. If the information you selected is correct hit Submit This will take you to the Course page with your textbook on it. 

8. Choose new book, used book and rental (available on select books only) and then click on Add to Cart.
9. Select either Order Another Book or Go To Your Cart.  

Note: You will see two options below that can be selected.  Please read those and decide if you want a new book substituted for a used book if a used book is not available.  Understand that if you select the second option of no substitution you will not receive a textbook so it is best to select the first option that a new book will be substituted for a used if unavailable.  Used books are not always available.  If you select a new book also understand that because it might be an old edition that you may receive a used book because new are not longer being printed by the publisher

10. Select Checkout when you have completed your order This will take you to a Login page. Either login with existing username or create an account
11. At the Delivery Options page, select from the drop down box how you would like to receive your items, either ship or pick up, pay now. 
12. Select how you would like them shipped under Method/Location. 
13. Confirm your shipping address and select Continue Checkout.
14. Input Payment Option, then click submit.
15. Confirm Order Review, click submit.  Please print your order receipt  for your records.