Leave of Absence

In accordance with applicable financial aid regulations, under certain conditions, such as personal, military service, illness or health, employment, humanitarian or church service, family responsibilities, and financial obligations, students may request a leave of absence from the university. A leave of absence will allow the student’s status to remain as “in school,” making the student eligible for a deferment on student loans during the approved time while not actively registered with the university.

A student who takes an approved leave of absence is not considered to have withdrawn from the school. For federal financial aid programs, a leave of absence must meet the following guidelines.

A leave of absence is approved if:

  • the student has made a written request for the leave of absence;
  • the leave of absence does not exceed 180 days;
  • the school has granted only one leave of absence to the student in any 12-month period; and
  • the school does not charge the student for the leave of absence.

If a student's leave of absence is not approved, the student is considered to have withdrawn from the school, and the federal refund requirements apply.

A student who takes an unapproved leave of absence or fails to return to school at the end of an approved leave of absence is no longer enrolled at the school and is not eligible for an in-school deferment of his/her loans.