Dropping classes. If you drop below 15 credit hours prior to 5th week Monday of an academic term, your Financial Aid will be adjusted accordingly (see credits below). This includes Federal, State and Institutional Aid. Please contact the Financial Aid office for details as to how your financial aid will be reduced.

Withdrawing from Kettering University. If you withdraw from Kettering University, a portion of your financial aid may have to be refunded to the source (i.e. the Federal or State Government, the lender, etc.). Kettering University uses a formula provided by the U.S. Department of Education to determine the exact refund and its distribution. If you do not return to school (either Kettering University or another institution), you will be required to begin repayment on your Direct Loans and alternative loans after a six month grace period.

Not completing your financial aid file. If your financial aid file is not completed by the time you cease to be enrolled at least half-time you will forfeit your eligibility. If you fail to complete verification by the end of the academic year you will forfeit your eligibility. All required documents must be submitted and the process of verification completed before loans can be processed, need based grants released to your account, and Federal Work Study (FWS) jobs made available.

Back to back school terms. Attending two academic terms within one semester (July- December or January-June) may severely limit your aid eligibility. Be sure to speak with a Financial Aid representative if you are planning to do this.

Student Status

Full Time                                  15 credits or above
¾ Time                                     9 -14 credits
½ Time                                     6 - 8 credits
Five (5) credits or below are not eligible for Financial Aid

Receipt of additional awards such as scholarships, vouchers, fee waivers, or other benefits

The student's total financial aid awards cannot exceed his or her cost of attendance. If you receive additional awards that put you over your cost of attendance we will need to revise your financial aid package.  We will reduce loans and work study first, but may also need to adjust other forms of gift aid (including State, Institutional, and Federal sources)