Associate professor of Electrical Engineering

Dr. Michael Elta, associate professor of Electrical Engineering
Ph.D. from the University of Michigan in Electrical Engineering, with expertise in solid-state devices, optics, electronics manufacturing and VLSI processing.

Another alumnus, Elta feels Kettering students have an advantage over students at traditional universities in that they gain practical experience from their co-op employment that can be directly related to their field of academic study.

He enjoys interacting with his capable and creative students in small classes, and believes the Kettering experience develops "real world" engineers.

Hidden talents and outside interests: Off campus Elta keeps busy motorcycling, skiing, kayaking and participating in shooting sports and martial arts. His artistic side enjoys photography and music and he keeps his cool by meditating.

Sensor-based electronics manufacturing and control, Controller architecture, Electronic device/IC/process design, equipment modeling & control, flat panel display technologies, In-situ process diagnostic techniques, Laser-based metrology, Plasma modeling, Plasma processing in microelectronics, Real-time equipment control

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