Kathryn Schaefer, lecturer in the Business department
Master of Business Administration from Oakland University, with expertise in Accounting.

Schaefer finds Kettering students to be bright, ambitious and diligent, and believes that they "are definitely motivated to learn and desire to go beyond the textbook in their quest for knowledge. The practical, real-world experience through the co-op education program really gives Kettering students an advantage over their non-Kettering peers because it prepares them for life after graduation." Her favorite part about teaching is interacting with students in a small classroom environment. In order to teach Kettering students, you don't lecture to them, you interact with them via class discussions, group projects, and in-class exercises. The interaction is what really fosters the learning experience.

Her advice for prospective students: "A Kettering education is an unsurpassable investment in your future. In addition to acquiring the knowledge and skills vital to your area of study, the real-world experience gained through the co-op education program will jump-start your career ahead of your non-Kettering peers and better prepare you for life after graduation."

One of Schaefer's first experiences with Kettering students was subbing for an accounting class. As she was covering the topics that she was asked to cover, one student commented, "We already learned that." A few nodded in agreement as the rest of the class was silent. She then stated, "Excellent, then why don't you demonstrate to the class how to figure out the problem?" The student was speechless and the class started laughing. A few students finally mentioned that they hadn't covered that particular topic yet. So much for the attempt to get out of class early!

Hidden talents and outside interests: Shaefer and her husband have three very active daughters so they're usually at swim classes, dance classes, scouting events, or at home helping with homework. Shaefer also finds time to be outside as much as possible for walking, biking, rollerblading and swimming. As an avid gardener, Summer has become her favorite season.

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