Dr. Homayun Navaz, professor of Mechanical Engineering
Ph.D. from Rice University in Mechanical Engineering, with expertise in aerospace, propulsion, combustion, computational fluid dynamics, fluid dynamics, radiation and porous materials.

For Navaz, Kettering students are mature, experienced and successful. He feels Kettering students are more mature, respectful and familiar with the work environment than students at other universities. Navaz enjoys interacting with students and ensuring that they become successful. He came to Kettering to teach because he felt he had "experiences that students can benefit from."

He would tell prospective students that he thinks Kettering has "one of the best undergraduate programs with labs for them to acquire the hands-on experience they need."

Hidden talents and outside interests: With hobbies as varied as his research, Navaz enjoys running, tennis, music and more.

Computational Fluid Dynamics
Large Scale Computer program development
Multi-phase/multi-species flow
Porous Media
Radiation and aero-optics

Regens, James L.1; Gunter, James T.1; Amin, Mazyar2; Nowakowski, Albert3; Navaz, Homayun3Human and Ecological Risk Assessment, Volume 17, Number 6, 1 November 2011 , pp. 1229-1246(18), Parameterizing Potential Exposure to Sulfur Mustard (HD) Using Mixed Model Regression, Taylor and Francis Ltd

Homayun Navaz, Ali Zand, Theresa Atkinson, Bojan Markicevic, Albert Nowakowski, Michael Herman, Moshe Rothstein,  AAAR 30th Annual Conference, A Comprehensive Model for Multi-Component Multi-Phase Transport and Chemical Reaction in Porous Media (Agent/Substrate/Humidity), October 3 - 7, 2011


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