Professor of Applied Mathematics

Dr. Brian McCartin, professor of Applied Mathematics
Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences--New York University, with expertise in differential equations and computational mathematics.

McCartin has taught at Kettering for 15 years and finds that one distinguishing element of a Kettering student is their level of maturity. He describes students as intelligent, motivated and applied in their pursuit of academic and professional excellence.

His favorite part about teaching at Kettering includes many opportunities to interact with students interested in science and technology. With more than 13 years of industry experience prior to becoming a professor, McCartin says that one big reason why he came to the institution was the opportunity to incorporate his industry experience in the classroom.

His hot tip for prospective students: "If you are not 100 percent certain which technical field you would like to enter, you should seriously consider majoring in Applied Mathematics. An in-depth knowledge of Applied Mathematics gives you the ability to sample a variety of fields within science and engineering. If you then decide to switch to a specific technical field, all of the Applied Math courses will still be relevant and useful to you. In this sense, it is the safest and most flexible major for someone who knows that they are turned on by technical subjects, but not yet ready to commit to a specific discipline."

Hidden talents and outside interests: McCartin enjoys reading, walking and playing the piano outside of the classroom.

Computational mathematics, Electromagnetic waves, Mathematical biology, Numerical methods

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