Professor of Mathematics

Dr. Boyan Dimitrov, professor of Mathematics
Ph.D. from Moscow State University and Doctor of Mathematical Sciences from Sofia University; with expertise in probability and statistics; applied probability; applied statistics: statistical dependence; environmental modeling, measures for stochastic dependence; operations research and statistical optimization; probability distributions in reliability, risk, and survival analysis; queuing models; reliability, risk, and aging control; statistical quality control; and warranty analysis -- models, cost evaluation, and cost control.

Dimitrov feels Kettering students are ambitious, motivated, and hard working. He finds students at Kettering to be focused on achievement, gathering knowledge, and being appreciated, setting them apart from students at other schools. What he enjoys most about teaching at Kettering is the challenge and the opportunity to "dance on the edge between the possible and the impossible."

Hidden talents and outside interests: When he isn't exploring the world of numbers, Dimitrov enjoys exploring interesting parts of the world, meeting interesting people and working with colleagues in his many areas of expertise.

Applied probability
Applied statistics
Environmental modeling
Measures for stochastic dependence
Operations research and statistical optimization
Probability distributions in reliability, risk and survival analysis
Queuing models
Reliability, risk and aging control
Statistical quality control
Warranty analysis - models, cost evaluation and cost control

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