Booth Guidelines

Booths at the Professional Development Fair consist of tables for departments/areas to share information and resources related to their mission, purpose and services. The booths would not need to be staffed for the entire fair if the host area did not have enough staff.  Instead one or two staff members would need to be available for the final 15 minutes of each hour to interact and answer questions.

Some examples of booth materials or activities are:

  • Meet and greet fellow employees
  • Introduce new employees
  • Share help sheets, contact information and FAQs
  • Share guidelines for common practices
  • Display posters of labs, initiatives, concepts
  • Provide handouts or brochures for commonly requested information
  • Provide a handout with pictures, bios and contact information for the people in the department/area
  • Display awards and accomplishments

The booth is a place for departments/areas to present themselves to their fellow employees. We encourage all departments/areas to consider hosting or sharing a booth.

Lab Tour Guidelines

A lab tour is an opportunity for employees to see and/or experience the activities of Kettering’s labs. People can be scheduled in limited size groups for a 15-minute demonstration or can be allowed to come and go during a 45-minute period. For the June 13 event, lab tours will spotlight the Mott Building. Future fairs will focus on the Mott Building and other locales.

Presentation/Workshop Guidelines

Presentations and workshops will be scheduled for either 20 minutes or 45 minutes in one of the CC meeting rooms, including the computer lab if needed. The topic should be of interest to a variety of employees and can present information and/or include participatory activities. Appropriate equipment will be arranged as requested.

Some examples of possible presentations or workshops are:

  • Navigating FERPA, Avoiding the Pitfalls
  • Accessing relevant information in Blackboard
  • Requesting funds for travel, equipment, renovations, etc.
  • Getting information put on the website
  • Good ways to get students to participate in an event

Roundtable Guidelines

A roundtable is a 45-minute moderated discussion of a specific, scheduled topic to be held during the lunch hour. Moderators will sign up and provide the topic prior to the event. Topics should be fun and informative. The duty of the moderator is to begin the discussion and then keep it going during the lunch hour. We will encourage people to sign up for round tables the morning of the fair so that we can arrange the space but they can join any group where there's room during lunch.

Some examples of possible discussions are:

  • The New Web Redesign and Me, What’s In It For Me?
  • They’re All Engineers, But How Are They Different
  • Events, Awards and News, Oh My! How to be a part of the Kettering story.
  • The Wonderful World of Academic Discipline