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Faculty / Staff

Jeffrey Converse

Senior HVAC Technician Physical Plant 1700 University Ave
5-700 CC

Starr Cornell

Associate VP of University Advancement Development, University Advancement 1700 University Ave.
5-128 CC

Richard Corson

Adjunct Faculty Department of Business

Beth Covers

Controller Business Office 5-947 CC 810.762.9925

Rachael Cowan

Administrative Specialist Provost's Office 810.762.9542

Paul Crane

Director of Campus Safety and Emergency Preparedness Campus Safety 5-955 CC 810.762.9887

Tom Creech

Director of Sponsored Research/Faculty Graduate Studies, Math, Office of Sponsored Research 1700 University Ave
4-936 CC

Robert Cunningham

Physics 1700 University Ave
2-615 AB

Ryan Daignault

Enrollment Advisor Kettering Global 3-300 CC 810.275.9541

Kip Darcy

Vice President of Marketing, Communications and Enrollment 1700 University Ave
4-109 CC