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Wesley Thornburg

Custodial-CC Auxiliary Services 1700 University Ave
5-700 CC

Kimberly Thornton

Payroll Assistant Business Office 1700 University Ave
5-849 CC

Rachel Tithof

Financial Aid Officer Financial Aid, Marketing, Communications and Enrollment, Staff 1700 University Avenue
4-100 CC

Mo Torfeh

Professor of Electrical Engineering Electrical & Computer Engineering, Graduate Faculty 1700 University Ave
2-703 T
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Dr. Mohammad Torfeh, professor of Electrical Engineering
Ph.D. from Wayne State University, with expertise in control systems.

Torfeh finds Kettering students focused, efficient and hardworking. He feels that the cooperative education experience and their more realistic outlook distinguish Kettering students from students at other colleges. Torfeh was initially attracted to teaching at Kettering because of the practical aspect of the university, but it is working with his students and coworkers that has become his favorite part of teaching at Kettering.

He would tell prospective students that "cooperative education has a great value."

Hidden talents and outside interests: When not teaching, Torfeh enjoys activities with his children and reading news online.

Research Associations:

Digital controller design
Simultaneous engineering applications

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Scott Travis

4822 Admissions, Kettering University
1700 University Avenue

Salomon Turgman Cohen

Assistant Professor Chemical Engineering Department of Chemical Engineering
1700 University Avenue
Academic Building 2228

Giuseppe Turini

Assistant Professor of Computer Science Computer Science 1700 University Avenue
Kettering University - Academic Building
Department of Computer Science - Room 2-300 D

Laurie Turyn

Safety Officer Campus Safety, Office of Administration & Finance 1700 University Ave
2-000 CC

Lee Tuttle

Professor of Metal Casting Graduate Faculty, Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering 1700 University Ave
1-700R AB
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Dr. B. Lee Tuttle, professor of Metal Casting
Ph.D. from Penn State University in Metallurgy.

Tuttle finds Kettering students confident, goal-oriented and mature. He feels that the two years of professional experience in their field that they have by graduation distinguishes them from students at other colleges. What first interested him in teaching at Kettering was the focus on learning by doing, utilizing a laboratory that was coupled with the lecture in nearly all courses. He enjoys the opportunity to work directly with the students in the laboratory to apply engineering principles.

His advice for prospective students is to "focus first on your academic endeavors to achieve success in this first phase of your life-long, continuous learning experience."

Hidden talents and outside interests: Outside the Kettering community, Tuttle is actively involved with another great community. He conducts role playing and learning training sessions for Cub Scout leaders and staffs Cub Scout special activities.

Research Associations:

Design for Manufacturing and Assembly
Non Ferrous Foundry Metallurgy
Permanent Mold Casting

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Etim Ubong

Associate Professor Graduate Faculty, Mechanical Engineering 1700 University Ave
2-225 MC
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Dr. Etim U. Ubong, associate professor of Mechanical Engineering
Ph.D. in Technology from the Helsinki University of Technology, with expertise in internal combustion engines, alternative fuels and fuel cells.

Ubong, who has taught at Kettering for 13 years, believes Kettering students are one step ahead of their counterparts at other schools because at Kettering students typically know exactly what they want to study. The three words he uses to describe Kettering students are focused, result oriented and confident.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of teaching at Kettering is the pride Ubong feels when his students graduate and go on to successful careers. And as far as the reason he chose to teach at Kettering, Ubong says that the school's efforts in researching fuel cells and alternative energy pushes him to enhance his study into his specific areas of specialization.

Hot tip for prospective students: "Consider studying alternative fuels and fuel cells, since our world will require new sources of power in the near and long-term future."

Hidden talents and outside interests: When he's not on campus, Ubong enjoys playing tennis and soccer. 

Research Associations:

Alternative fuels
Automotive emissions
Diesel engines
Engine development, multifuel
Engine testing
Fuels (alternative)

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