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Uma Ramabadran

Associate Professor of Physics Physics 1700 University Ave
2-323 N AB
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Dr. Uma Ramabadran joined Kettering University after working several years for Wright Patterson Airforce Base. She performs research on characterizing semiconductor and optical materials using techniques such as optical microscopy and various types of laser spectroscopy including Raman spectroscopy and Photoluminescence. Other areas in which she has worked include nonlinear optics and crystal growth.

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Bassem Ramadan

Professor Graduate Faculty, Mechanical Engineering 1700 University Ave
2-223 MC
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Dr. Bassem Ramadan, professor of Mechanical Engineering
Ph.D. from Michigan State University in Mechanical Engineering, with expertise in Computational Fluid Dynamics, combustion, fluid flow analysis and modeling, thermal systems design and modeling, energy conservation and analysis.

Ramadan finds Kettering students polite, well mannered, and professional and feels that the cooperative education program makes some of Kettering's students serious about their education, responsible, mature, and knowledgeable; setting them apart from students at other colleges. Ramadan was interested in teaching at Kettering because he was intrigued by the cooperative education program, because Kettering works closely with high tech companies and because of the small campus and relatively small class size. His favorite aspect of teaching at Kettering is being able to educate students, knowing that what he is doing has a positive impact on their future lives and careers, and the continued contact he maintains with students who seek his advice or guidance on their careers or higher education after they graduate.

Ramadan would give prospective students the following advice. "Take your education seriously. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get the education you aspire to, and if you don't get it during your years at college, it will be too late to try to catch up after graduation."

Once when Ramadan was giving an exam for one of his colleagues, he was a few minutes late because of his schedule. When he entered the classroom everyone applauded. He asked them, "Why are you applauding; you haven't seen the exam yet?" This made everyone laugh and helped to put them in a good mood before the start of the exam.

Hidden talents and outside interests: Ramadan has a wide variety of interests to keep him busy when not teaching or pursuing research. He enjoys swimming, skiing, exercising, woodworking, writing, listening to music, and of course fixing things.

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Louis Ramsey

Manager Campus Bookstore
2-910 CC

Nannette Randolph

Administrative Specialist Academic Success Center, Center for Culminating Undergraduate Experiences 1700 University Ave
3-322 AB

Richard Rantilla

Adjunct Faculty Graduate Faculty

Badrinath Rao

Associate Professor of Sociology and Asian Studies Liberal Studies 1700 University Avenue
4-530 AB
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PhD from University of Alberta, Canada

Courses Taught

SSCI 201:  Introduction to the Social Sciences

LS 489:  Senior Seminar:  Leadership, Ethics and Contemporary Issues

Topics in the areas of globalization and human rights

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Kimberly Raup

Program Coordinator International Programs, Staff 1-919 AB

Cristina Reed

Director of KAGLE Leadership Initiatives & Interim Director Wellness Center Kagle Leadership Initiatives, Pre-College Programs, Staff, Student Life, Wellness Center 1700 University Ave
3-100 CC

Kathleen Remender

Purchasing Manager Business Office 1700 University Ave
5-635 CC

Cheryl Respecki

Assistant Registrar Registrar's Office 1700 University Ave
3-309 AB