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Faculty / Staff

Prakash Menon

Contributing Faculty Department of Business 810.762.9575

Brett Miller

Contributing Faculty Department of Business 810.762.9575

John Miller-Purrenhage

Adjunct Faculty Liberal Studies

Laura Miller-Purrenhage

Assistant Professor of Humanities Liberal Studies 1700 University Ave
4-308-A AB

Marnie Mogford

Admissions Specialist Marketing, Communications and Enrollment 4-700 CC 810.762.7331

Carey Monroe

Co-op Education Manager/Educator Cooperative Education 4-112 CC 810.762.7915

Tammy Mont

Administrative Assistant Kettering Dining Services 810.762.9861

Nicholas Moorehead

General Manager Kettering Dining Services 810.762.9797

Veronica Moorman

Assistant Professor Chemistry / Biochemistry 3-215 MC (810) 762.7918

Protein biochemistry and biophysics, Macromolecular interactions, Enzyme kinetics, NMR

Dr. Moorman's Research Profile

Michael Mosher

Interim Registrar Registrar's Office 1700 University Ave
Office of the Registrar 3-309 AB