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Jeanette McCoy

Accounting Assistant Business Office 810.762.9552

L. B McCune

Associate Dean of Students Office of Multicultural Student Initiatives, Student Life 1700 University Ave
3-101 CC

John McGarry

Stadium Director, Atwood Recreation Center 810.762.9735

James McLaughlin

Emeritus Professor of Electrical Engineering Electrical & Computer Engineering 1700 University Ave.
2-703 Z AB

Design of radio antennas, Prediction of radio propagation, Electromagnetic compatibility

Robert McMahan

President Office of the President 1700 University Avenue
3-309 CC

Mary McNally

Library Assistant IV – Circulation Head Library 1700 University Ave
2-202 AB

Lee Meadows

Contributing Faculty Department of Business 810.762.9575

Laura Mebert

Assistant Professor of Social Science Liberal Studies 4-514 AB 810.762.7854

Albert Melwing

Senior Electrician Physical Plant 1700 University Ave
5-700 CC

Prakash Menon

Contributing Faculty Department of Business 810.762.9575