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Eric Kimball

Safety Officer Campus Safety, Office of Administration & Finance

Jamila King

Information Specialist Marketing, Communications and Enrollment 1700 University Ave
4-700 CC

Kaitlyn King

Coordinator of Student Life Programs Student Life Programs, Staff, Student Life 1700 University Avenue
3-120 CC

Andrea Knight

Safety Officer Campus Safety, Office of Administration & Finance

Joseph Koch

Academic Lab Coordinator-Lead Mechanical Engineering 1700 University Ave
1-220 AB

Henry Kowalski

Professor Mechanical Engineering 1700 University Ave
2-139 MC
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Dr. Henry Kowalski (a.k.a. Doc K), professor of Mechanical Engineering
Ph.D. from Wayne State University in Mechanical Engineering, with expertise in engineering mechanics and aeronautical engineering.

Best known for unleashing his students' explosive creativity in his Experimental Mechanics class, Kowalski has spent 43 years encouraging "outside of the box" thinking. He likes teaching at Kettering because it has "the best students in the world to teach - very eager yet very pragmatic." He also sees them as future leaders.

He says Kettering offers "the best damn practical engineering, science or business education with real world experience anywhere. It's an ideal education for future leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs or even intra-preneurs."

A bit of an intra-preneur himself, Kowalski has been known to trick his supervisor into purchasing the same kind of equipment three times under three different budget lines. He also lets students blow-up mailboxes and retrofit skeet shooters to test catcher's helmets.

Hidden talents and outside interests: When not stirring up trouble at Kettering, he likes to visit parts of the United States he's never been to before in his truck. 

Research Associations:
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Bethany Kozel-Emmendorfer

Technical Library Assist-II – Cataloging Assistant Library 1700 University Ave
2-202 AB

Gerald Kozlowski

Lab Technician Electrical & Computer Engineering 1700 University Ave
2-804 AB

Joe Krizaj

Network Engineer I Information Technology 1700 University Avenue
2-340 AB

Ilya Kudish

Math 1700 University Ave
2-100F AB
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Dr. Ilya I. Kudish, professor of applied mathematics, specializes in applied mathematics, tribology, contact mechanics, theory of elastohydrodynamic lubrication, crack mechanics, theoretical prediction of fatigue wear and pitting. He has written more than 100 articles, and is the author of a book entitled, "Mathematical Modeling of Wear and Fatigue in Rolling Bearings." He is a reviewer for Wear Journal and ASME Journal of Tribology. Dr. Kudish has extensive research experience.

Research Associations:

Applied mathematics
Computational mathematics
Computer simulation/modeling
Contact mechanics
Contaminated environment
Crack mechanics
Elastohydrodynamic lubrication
Fatigue pitting
Numerical analysis

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