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Monika Ehrlich

Adjunct Faculty Liberal Studies

Mohamed El-Sayed

Professor Graduate Faculty, Mechanical Engineering 1700 University Ave
2-235 MC
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Dr. Mohamed El-Sayed, professor of Mechanical Engineering
Ph.D. from Wayne State University in Mechanical Engineering, with expertise in design optimization, machine design, theoretical and applied mechanics, product development, and vehicle integration.

Dr. El-Sayed is well recognized technical leader in vehicle integration, vehicle development, optimization, and validation. He is SAE and ASME Fellow. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the SAE International Journal of Materials and Manufacturing and the Inaugural Chair of the SAE Journals’ Editorial Board. Through his research, teaching, and industrial practice he made numerous original contributions to advance the state of the art in theoretical and applied mechanics, Design optimization, product development, performance integration, vehicle development process, lean design, and integrated design and manufacturing. Currently, Dr. El-Sayed has over thirty years of industrial, teaching, and research experience, several patents, and over a hundred publications in the field of automotive design, optimization, development, and validation. Dr. El-Sayed worked as lead engineer and subject matter expert on design optimization, quality, durability, and reliability integration of several General Motors vehicles and architectures. He earned several awards from GM related to vehicle development and validation. Dr. El-Sayed has also worked as the director of engineering and chief engineer and consultant for several automotive suppliers.

Dr. El-Sayed views Kettering students as future engineering leaders and feels that they are different from students at other colleges due to their real engineering experience, leadership potential, and professional maturity. He had a desire to teach at Kettering because he believes "that engineering is an art as well as a science profession" and that "Kettering is one of the unique universities that provide a balanced experience in both." In fact El-Sayed's favorite aspect of teaching at Kettering is the "ties with the real engineering world and focus on experiential learning."

He would tell prospective students that "if they like technology and would like to be one of its leaders, come to Kettering."

Hidden talents and outside interests: When not teaching the engineering leaders of tomorrow, El-Sayed enjoys community service and conducting research.

Research Associations:

Design optimization
Machine design
Theoretical and applied mechanics
Product development and validation
Vehicle development and Integration

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Stew Ellis

Professor of Applied Social Informatics Liberal Studies 1700 University Ave
4-534 AB
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PhD from University of Oklahoma

Courses Taught

SSCI 201:  Introduction to the Social Sciences

SOC 336:  Sociology of the Family

SOC 337:  Religion in Society

Research Associations:
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Michael Elta

Associate professor of Electrical Engineering Electrical & Computer Engineering 1700 University Ave
2-703R AB
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Dr. Michael Elta, associate professor of Electrical Engineering
Ph.D. from the University of Michigan in Electrical Engineering, with expertise in solid-state devices, optics, electronics manufacturing and VLSI processing.

Another alumnus, Elta feels Kettering students have an advantage over students at traditional universities in that they gain practical experience from their co-op employment that can be directly related to their field of academic study.

He enjoys interacting with his capable and creative students in small classes, and believes the Kettering experience develops "real world" engineers.

Hidden talents and outside interests: Off campus Elta keeps busy motorcycling, skiing, kayaking and participating in shooting sports and martial arts. His artistic side enjoys photography and music and he keeps his cool by meditating.

Research Associations:

Sensor-based electronics manufacturing and control
Controller architecture
Electronic device/IC/process design
equipment modeling & control
flat panel display technologies
In-situ process diagnostic techniques
Laser-based metrology
Plasma modeling
Plasma processing in microelectronics
Real-time equipment control

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Diane Emery

Assistant to the Vice President Staff, University Advancement 1700 University Ave
4-935-1 CC
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Diane Emery is the assistant to the Vice President for University Advancement. She has been with the University since 1984. During her career at Kettering, she has held positions in Admissions and Corporate Relations and has previously served as secretary to the Corporate Partners Advisory Council and the Emeritus Board of Trustees.

She and her husband have two grown children and two grandchildren.



Research Associations:
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Caroline Ethington

Lead Manager/Educator Cooperative Education 1700 University Avenue
4-823 CC
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Call Caroline toll-free: 1-800-955-4464, extension 7497

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Research Associations:
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Lenore Evennou

Thesis Coordinator Center for Culminating Undergraduate Experiences 1700 University Ave
3-322 AB

Elizabeth Ewald

Associate VP for Human Resources Human Resources 1700 University Ave
5-843 CC

Brady Fair

Custodial-AB Auxiliary Services 1700 University Ave
5-700 CC

Susan Farhat

Assistant Professor Chemical Engineering 1700 University Avenue
2-226 AB
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Susan Farhat
Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering
2226 Academic Building

B.S. Chemical Engineering, Michigan State University, 2004
Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, Michigan State University, 2010

CHME 400 Mass Transfer Operations
CHME 410 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
CHME 480 Senior Chemical Engineering Design Capstone     (developed)

Research Associations:
Research  Specialties
Microwave technology, Dielectric properties, Magnetic properties, Polymers and composites, Magneto-dielectric composites, Structure-property relationships, Nanocomposites, Carbon nanotubes
Research Statement
The principal focus of my research experiences and interests lies in the area of advanced materials design.  This is a very broad area of research – branching into energy, nanotechnology, and biotechnology; however, the primary focus of my work has been designing, fabricating, and characterizing materials for improved performance for applications including energy and electronics.  In regards to energy storage, with the growing emphasis placed on efficient electronic packaging, embedded capacitors are important to furthering these technologies.  These materials require high dielectric constant, low dielectric loss (low dissipation factor), increased capacitive density, wideband performance, and simple processability; however, currently, there are limited materials designed that satisfy these requirements.  One approach includes using metamaterials, which present a new class of composites that can be utilized to extend the capabilities of materials beyond what is found in nature to meet requirements for the ever growing demand of new technologies and applications. Other approaches include using the idea of a ceramic nanocomposite or a metal-insulator nanocomposite.
Select Publications 
1.  Farhat, S., Hawley, M., et. al.  “Magneto-dielectric Composites with Frequency Selective Surface Layers.”  Proceedings of ICCM -17: Seventeenth  International Conference on Composites Materials.  Edinburgh, UK. July 27-31, 2009.
2.  Farhat, S., Hawley, M., Kempel, L., Balasubramaniam, S.  “Synthesis  Frequency Applications.”  Proceedings of Materials Science and Technology 2007 Conference and Exhibit.  Detroit, MI. September 16-20, 2007.
3.  Farhat, S., Hawley, M., et al.  “Magneto-dielectric Composites for Radio Frequency Applications.”  Proceedings of the Fifteenth Annual International Conference on Composites/Nano Engineering (ICCE-15).  Haikou, Hainan Island, China. July 15-17, 2007.
4.   Farhat, S., Hawley, M., Kempel, L., Balasubramaniam, S.  "Design and Synthesis of Polymer Nanocomposites for RF Applications." Proceedings of American Society for Composites 21st Annual Technical Conference.  Dearborn, MI.  September 17-20, 2006.
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