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Shannon Acosta

Assistant Director of Admissions Admissions 4-825 CC

Sheila Adams Cowes

Director of Enrollment Events & Visitor Relations Customer Service and Programs, Marketing, Communications and Enrollment, Staff 4-833 CC

Perry Adkins

Systems Administrator Library 1700 University Ave
2-202 AB

Craig Alberts

Groundskeeper Auxiliary Services 1700 University Avenue
5-700 CC

Diane Alderson

Dir., Special Events Staff, University Advancement 1700 University Ave
4-922 CC

Mohammad Ali

Associate Professor Mechanical Engineering 1700 University Ave
2-211 MC
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Dr. Mohammad Firoz Ali, associate professor of Mechanical Engineering
Ph.D. from Mississippi State University in Thermal Fluids, with expertise in adhesion, analysis of energy systems, experimental fluid mechanics, and laser velocimetry.

Ali feels that the valuable cooperative education experience distinguishes Kettering students from students at other universities. He enjoys the small class size at Kettering University and would tell prospective students that Kettering is "one of the best colleges for the money."

Hidden talents and outside interests: In addition to his working with fluid mechanics, Ali enjoys watching documentaries.

Research Associations:

Analysis of energy systems
Experimental fluid mechanics
Laser velocimetry

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Theresa Allen

Advancement Services Director University Advancement 4-834 CC

Basem Alzahabi

Professor Graduate Faculty, International Programs, Mechanical Engineering 1700 University Ave
2-111 MC
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Dr. Basem Alzahabi, professor of Mechanical Engineering and director of International Programs
Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from the University of Michigan, with expertise in computational engineering mechanics, automotive noise vibration and harshness, and structural optimization and redesign.

Alzahabi has taught at Kettering since 1998 and believes that Kettering students know what they want to do with their careers when they arrive on campus, which is quite different from students at other institutions. In his eyes Kettering students are mature, hard-working and focused on what they wish to do and accomplish.

Alzahabi says that he chose to teach at Kettering based on the "Old Man Eloquent," authored by John Quincy Adams, which reads, "if your ACTIONS inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." He also explains that his favorite part about teaching at Kettering is the interaction with students and his work as an adviser for the Tau Delta Tau fraternity, B-Section.

Hot tip for prospective students: "Time goes very fast and students must be very serious about education. They cannot survive with their high school study habits. They can get behind very easily and sometimes it is very hard to recover."

Hidden talents and outside interests: Alzahabi enjoys reading, sports and traveling when he's not on campus conducting research or teaching. 

Research Associations:

Automotive noise vibration
Computational engineering mechanics
Computer aided engineering
Structrual optimization and redesign
Structural durablity

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Michelle Ammerman

Assistant Professor Biology, Chemistry / Biochemistry 2212G - AB

Joy Arbor

Assistant Professor of Communication Liberal Studies 1700 University Ave
4-514 AB
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PhD from University of Nebraska, Lincoln in English (Rhetoric and Composition and Creative Writing)

MFA from Mills College in English and Creative Writing

Courses Taught

COMM 101:  Written and Oral Communication I

COMM 301:  Written and Oral Communication II

COMM 391:  Listening across Cultures

COMM 391:  Public Writing

Research Associations:

Rhetoric and composition


Rhetorics of listening

Intercultural engagement

Public Writing



"Sacramento Delta."  Natural Bridge "The Living Earth."  Ed. Drucilla Wall.  26 (Fall 2011):  76.  Print.  (poem)

“With Our Ears to the Ground:  Compassionate Listening in Israel-Palestine,” Silence and Listening as Rhetorical Arts.  Ed. Cheryl Glenn and Krista Ratcliffe.  Carbondale, Illinois:  Southern Illinois University Press,  2011. 217-230.  Print.

“Investigating Us-Them Thinking for Social Justice,” Academic Exchange Quarterly 15.1 (Spring 2011).  146-150.  Print. 


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