Building an Effective Program

Your Co-op Manager will work with you to assist in identify the student candidates best suited to your company.  You will be provided with credentials of the most likely candidates for the job opening you anticipate. 

If you choose the Kettering co-op plan, you may want to consider approximately the same number of A-Section and B-Section students.  This will ensure that your company has year-round coverage.

Your Co-op Manager can help coordinate student interviews with your company.  We offer employment fairs during the spring, summer, and fall terms.  If you prefer, you may host interviews at your company, or your co-op manager can organize an on-campus interview schedule at your convenience.

Keys to Success

  • Commitment from the top down
  • Competitive wages
  • Challenging work assignments
  • Performance evaluations
  • Strategic work plans
  • Progressive increases in responsibility
  • Communication - with the student and with Kettering University

Building an effective and rewarding program includes:

Strategic Work Plan

Develop a strategic work plan for your student while allowing for appropriate modifications as the student grows and the needs of the company change.  Your Co-op Manager can help you develop an appropriate work plan.  This will challenge the student, reinforce academic progress, and ensure the fastest return on your investment.

A Competitive Wage

Foster a sense of fairness and loyalty by paying a wage commensurate with the work being performed and the student's increasing value to you company.  If you have questions about an appropriate wage please view the co-op wage and benefits survey.

Challenging Work

Integrate students into your company's work culture and orient them to their department, explaining departmental policies and familiarizing them with major projects.  Introduce students to co-workers and treat them as part of the department and organization.  Create a work environment that fosters learning and offers guidance; review the student's progress to make adjustments to work assignments as needed.

Performance Evaluations

Complete performance evaluations (provided by Kettering) as a tool to review the student's progress and provide evidence that work terms are complete.