Students typically need five (5) Satisfactory co-op work evaluation with three (3) of them after Junior Status, plus two (2) thesis terms to graduate. Transfer students need less based on the number of credits you transferred. (See catalog for details)

Work evaluations are completed electronically in Kettering Connect.

Be sure to complete your work evaluations before you leave your work term. It is easier to complete the evaluation while everything is fresh in your mind. Without completed work evaluations, credit will NOT be granted.

Both Employer and Student evaluations must be completed to generate a grade. The grade is based on receiving a satisfactory Employer Evaluation.

Paper forms are accepted but must have both employer and student signatures on them.

Company evaluations on company forms, will be accepted with both employer and student signature. 

Visit the Download Zone if you need to obtain a paper copy of your work evaluation.

Important points to remember:

  • 8th week - work term: Email is sent to you and your employer (Primary contact for your company) to inform you both that it is time to complete the evaluations before the term is over.
  • 11th week- work term: Email reminder will be sent if evaluations have not been completed.
  • Keep hard copies: Until you have graduated. You may be asked to give a presentation to your Peers regarding your last year work experience and accomplishments.

Grades:  It is your responsibility to submit your grades to your employer. Some companies have certain GPA requirements; others will reimburse you for school after your grades are submitted or you may also be entitled to a pay increase after you reach a certain grade level.

Should you need help getting evaluations completed, please contact your co-op manager or Sandra Hall at or (810) 762-9722.