A Working Partnership

The co-op and experiential learning at Kettering University is unlike any other co-op program.  The professional relationship between the University, students and employer partners is the key to the success of the program.  We want to make this a positive relationship for everyone.

A successful co-op program depends on the dedicated integration of the student, the employer and the University.  Following is an outline of the general responsibilities of the Co-op Manger and students.

The Co-op Manager

  • Serves as a liaison between the employer, student, and the University
  • Makes suggestions for appropriate co-op or experiential learning positions
  • Provides information about Kettering's academic programs
  • Identifies student candidates, refers resumes to employers, and facilitates interview arrangements
  • Advises employers regarding appropriate wages and benefits
  • Counsels students on career goals, work ethics, and helps match their skills with employer needs
  • Works with employer to develop quality work plans

The Student

  • Notifies the Co-op office when employment offers are received
  • After accepting an offer, the employment search is completed
  • Meets or exceeds the academic expectations of the University and degree programs
  • Meets or exceeds the work performance expectations of the employer partner
  • Completes an evaluation of the work term experience
  • Maintains contact with their Co-op Manager throughout their time at Kettering University

Co-op Employer Partners

  • Provide appropriate job descriptions for co-op openings and develop strategic work plans
  • Work with the Co-op staff to ensure students are enrolled and registered at Kettering University during each work term
  • Complete an evaluation of the student's performance at the end of each work term
  • Provide alternating work assignments, with an increased level of challenge and responsibility as the student progresses academically
  • Help identify and provide work assignments suitable for a Senior Thesis Project