Professional Development

Each term the Cooperative & Experiential Education Department offers a series of seminars to help students at a variety of stages in their careers at Kettering University. Some of these include:

  • Interviewing Skills
    Would you rather read a whole book on the subject or attend a seminar? 
    Learn the steps to sharpen your interviewing skills.

  • Making the Most of an Employment Fair
    Take advantage of the basics and set yourself apart from the crowd! Learn how to do research, get prepared, “strut” your stuff, and close the deal!
    Don’t forget the follow-up, it could be a deal breaker.

  • An Employer's Perspective
    Securing a job is important but keeping it requires advanced skills.
    A current employer partner will discuss the basics; suggest ways to get noticed and techniques to gain responsibility.

  • Co-op Prospecting - How to Find a Co-op
    Are you savvy at searching for co-op?
    Learn and understand how good search skills can benefit you in the co-op search.

On Campus Employment Fairs

The Cooperative & Experiential Education Department holds three employment fairs per year. These fairs typically draw 50 - 100+ co-op employer partners, depending on the job market at the time and are open to all eligible co-op seeking students.  The fairs are open to our graduating seniors and alumni seeking full-time opportunities also. 

Please contact for more information!