Thesis Defense Presentation -- Survey of Developmental tools for AUTOSAR, Safety Standards for AUTOSAR and Event Data Recorder

Title -- Survey of Developmental tools for AUTOSAR, Safety Standards for AUTOSAR and Event Data Recorder

Author - Amit Sharma

Advisor - Dr. Girma Tewolde

Abstract --  With the increased use of Electronic Control Units (ECUs) in the automotive industry, the system creation and integration process turn out to be progressively more complex. In order to manage this issue, the AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture (AUTOSAR) was introduced by several automotive companies and suppliers. Their goal is to create an architecture which will increase the reusability of software, integration of solutions from multiple suppliers and improve scalability. Currently, the latest release of AUTOSASR revision 4.0 is providing stable and very important specifications for its users. Software flexibility is achieved through configurations, which need technical experts and user friendly tool chain to practice the AUTSOAR methodology. This thesis focused on AUTOSAR standard and evaluation of its development tools from different vendors. Although the file formats are standardized, it is not a unified integration between developmental tools. This thesis explores and presents the list of parameters, which need to be considered during the AUTSOAR stack supplier and tool selection process. Safety plays an important role in the ECUs and the configurable software. This thesis provides brief description of functional safety (ISO26262) and demonstrates how to achieve this by AUTOSAR methodology. In the third phase of this thesis, the author proposes the need for safety ECU that will serve for recording the vehicle data under specified events. This Event Data Recorder (EDR) is not only important for recording deployment events but also for non-deployment events. The purpose of the event based Safety Data Recorder is to gather data that could help understand accident course of events, identify system limitations, and help designers build better systems.

Keywords -- AUTOSAR, development tools, ISO 26262, functional safety, Event Data Recorder (EDR),

Tuesday, May 27, 2014 - 12:20pm to 1:15pm
Room - 2 - 911 AB
Amit M Sharma