Distinguished Faculty Speaker Series: Photonics & Nanotechnolgy by Corneliu Rablau, Physics Department

Enabling Technologies of the 21st Century


Photonics and Nanotechnology are the two pervasive, far-reaching enabling technologies of the 21st Century that have reshaped or enriched virtually every area of scientific and engineering discovery and development – and will likely continue to do so for a very long time. Photonics is the science of harnessing light and includes, broadly, technologies and devices for the emission, manipulation and detection of light in its broadest spectral meaning.  Nanoscience is the science of the “small”, down to atomic levels. Nanotechnology encompasses the applications of nanoscience for the precise engineering and manipulation of structures at nanometer-length scale in order to generate micro- and macro-structures with superior or entirely new properties. The combination of nanotechnology and photonics has created a synergy that fuels an explosive growth in both fields, as well as in the many fields they enable. In particular, the accelerated pace of discovery and technological development in the fields of biological and medical sciences has been facilitated in good part by tools and techniques developed through advances in photonics and nanotechnology. This has led to the emergence of a broad interdisciplinary field of its own: nano-bio-photonics.


In my talk, I will present a broad overview of these exciting fields, highlight their pervasiveness and the  broad interdisciplinary nature of their applications, and present current research and research and learning opportunities at Kettering that involve biomedical applications of photonics and nanotechnology.   


All faculty, staff, and students are welcome.  Lunch will be served to the first 100 people.


Robert L. Simpson, Provost

Thursday, May 3, 2012 - 12:25pm to 1:15pm
2-225 AB
Provost Robert L. Simpson and CETL
(810) 762-7949