Distinguished Educational Innovator Bahram Roughani will present, "Innovations in Higher Education: A Voyage and Reflection"

"The greatest achievements of higher education, in particular during the 20th century, are highlighted by the expansion of access and affordability, upward mobility, expansion of middle class, and positive social impacts.  The advances in higher education in the past have been achieved based on innovative approaches that have addressed specific needs. 

The complexity of today’s higher education is a major challenge in defining the needs of today’s higher education without ambiguity, leading to absence of a common vision.  My reflection on the American higher education is informed by my experience starting when I was an international undergraduate student in late 70s to present day.  This talk will include a perspective based on my personal and professional experiences in view of challenges and opportunities of ever changing landscape of today’s higher education."

Dr. Bahram Roughani

Tuesday, May 28, 2013 - 12:25pm to 1:15pm
2-225 AB
Dr. Terri Lynch Caris, Director of CETL