Celebrate Kettering

Kettering University to Inaugurate Dr. Robert McMahan April 20 as University’s seventh president during ‘Celebrate Kettering’
Alumni, corporate partners, parents of current students, faculty, staff, students and friends are invited to Kettering University in Flint, Mich., on Friday, April 20, for one of the most important days in the history of the institution.

Distinguished Faculty Speaker Series: Supply Chain Management: The Beer Game by Larry Navarre, Department of Business

Supply Chain Management:  The Beer Game

Supply Chains are all around us.  We rely on these organizational structures for everything from our food we eat to goods for our home to fuel for our vehicles.  They are all around us but somewhat transparent in our lives.  Things are available when we want them and we don’t think much beyond that.

Distinguished Faculty Speaker Series: Longer Life Using Math? by Boyan Dimitrov

 Will mathematical modeling help to prolong life, if we know how to compare ages?

Age is a very relative concept. There are populations whose life span is measured in hours, others in days, weeks, several years or hundreds of years.

Do we understand what is age? Can we evaluate the true age of a biological (or technical) object? Moreover, are we able to compare ages for individuals from different populations?

Distinguished Faculty Speaker Series: Bioengineering and You by Patrick Atkinson, ME Department

If you travel in a car or go to the Doctor, Kettering Bioengineers are on your side!
We don't make the cars, or treat your illness....we make those things better.
Specific topics:
Injury prevention through smart car design
Airbags, seatbelts, child seats, and you
New Biotech to replace worn out body parts
Treating injury and minimally invasive surgery

Patrick Atkinson, PhD
Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Premed Advisor
Orthopaedic Surgery, McLaren

Stress Reliever Dogs

Stressed out from all the studying? Need a break? Come to the Great court on Monday, March 19th and enjoy the company of 2 Golden Retrievers. They are specifically trained to relieve stress. Faith and Zeke will be in the Great Court from 11 AM- 2 PM. All are welcome!