Fit in Flint: A Flint Area Public Affairs Debates Panel

Fit in Flint: Steps to a Healthier Community

What can a community do to encourage more active lifestyles for its citizens?  Flint Area Public Affairs Debates is presenting a panel discussion on this topic on Thursday, April 12, 7:30-9:00 p.m. at the Mott Community College Regional Technology Center.  Panelists include the planning director for the city of Grand Rapids, the youth program director for the Crim Fitness foundation, a project manager for Greater Flint Health Coalition and the associate dean for Preventive Medic

Game Night in the Library

Don't miss the next FOLA Game Night in the Library! Subs, snacks and refreshments will be served. Play our games or bring your own. We will have Ping Pong, two Wii's and two Xbox 360's with Kinect. Games will include Rock Band, Just Dance, Wii Sports and a wide assortment of other video, board and card games ready to play!