ASME Presents: Open Welding Day

Join us for an open welding opportunity!
Presented by Kettering University ASME

We provide all the equipment, welding hats, and even food!
Just bring yourself!

We even have access to the tensile test machine! Test your welds and see how you can improve!

Make sure to dress appropriately for the lab though!
-Closed toed shoes
-Long sleeves
-Long pants

Please note, as this is a pilot event, we're testing the waters!
Thus, as of now, in order to attend, you must have either taken IME100 already or have a welding background.

SPE Detroit President Dr. Sassan Tarahomi

9th Thursday - 6:00 PM - AB 1819

Dr. Sassan Tarahomi, the charismatic Society of Plastics Engineers Detroit section President and Advanced Engineering Manager at International Automotive Components Group will be coming to speak about:

-Great events and opportunities for students (including Scholarship!) through SPE

-The value of teamwork and cooperation while working in industry and how to foster this style of work

ASME Presents: Open Foundry Day

Remember IME100? Remember Lost Foam Casting?

Would you like to have another opportunity at making lost foam castings?

Or maybe you would like to better understand how the process works.

ASME - Kettering University Would like you to have this opportunity!

We've purchased all the material! You may come and make anything you'd like! From 12:20-6PM!

You can also invite friends and family!
IME100 is not a requirement to attend (just please announce it to the attending staff for safety instructions and an overview).